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Studies show a 93% recovery rate using hypnotherapy after only 6 sessions.


Hypnosis is a state of concentrated, focused attention or trance that may or may not include relaxation. During this altered state, you’re more open to learning about aspects of yourself that your conscious mind may resist. Entering into a state of hypnosis is completely normal, with many people unknowingly achieving it throughout their day. When we “zone out” or “day dream”, we are actually in hypnosis. Many people enter hypnosis while watching movies, listening to music, and even driving.

While in a hypnotic state, we can release our conscious mind, allowing our subconsciousness to become more suggestible and open.

All of our feelings, thoughts, patterns, behaviours, beliefs and perceptions are driven by our subconscious mind and are the results of experiences we’ve had from a young age or the traumatic events in our lives. The good news is that these perceptions and belief’s can be completely transformed. Thanks to Hypnotherapy, we can change our behaviours and our lives for the better.


With a hypnotherapy treatment plan, you gain freedom from even the most deep rooted issues that are causing you physical and/or emotional suffering. You gain the ability to finally change the self-sabotaging behaviours that are holding you back from living your life to the fullest.

I specialize in hypnotherapy for business professionals by getting to the foundation of what is truly holding you back. In addition, I specialize in Parts Therapy and Regression Therapy because this is where we can get to the core of what’s actually going on. Both Parts Therapy and Regression Therapy are highly effective tools for creating profound insights and transformations. We address the underlying issues, identify where they come from, and teach you how to get out of your own way so you can succeed.

Hypnotherapy is also excellent for acquiring new skills and qualities, such as; self-esteem, confidence, courage, motivation and resilience. Hypnotherapy can be a highly effective treatment for overcoming phobias, fears, unhealthy habits and addictions.


The best part of hypnotherapy is that it doesn’t rely on your level of willpower, so you don’t have to struggle to change yourself and attain your goals. The process is gentle and it happens naturally as your subconscious mind welcomes the new and powerful beliefs instilled upon it during our sessions. Hypnotherapy can feel like a reset, a extraordinary transformation and a new beginning.

Studies show a 93% recovery rate using hypnotherapy after only 6 sessions.

Hypnotherapy helps you achieve your professional and personal goals, taking you from stuck and hopeless to successful and fulfilled. You can regain your edge, lead your best life ever, achieve all of your goals and reach your full potential! Let’s make it happen!

Studies show a 93% recovery rate using hypnotherapy after only 6 sessions.

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