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Life coaching and hypnotherapy gets you where you want to be. It takes you from stuck to achieving, from stagnant to flourishing, and from lost to found.

Lead Your Best Life

Hire a Life Coach

Before your business can truly take flight, you must decide what you are trying to achieve. A professional life coach will help you shape your future and then take hold of it.


Life Coaching

Imagine walking into work with fresh ideas, a fresh attitude and feeling blissfully happy for the first time in a while. Dream of a life where you have the confidence to try and fail.



Hypnotherapy is a powerful detox for your mind. I work with you to uncover the root issues that are buried deep in your subconscious mind and holding you back from achieving success and happiness in your life.


Life coaching and hypnotherapy are personal training for your mind.

I partner with you to work out what’s holding you back. Then, we work together to uncover how you can overcome it. 

Unlocking your potential, so you can lead your best life.

This is true for everyone – whether your goal is to triple your income, attempt a new race distance or other physical challenge, or just get better at making decisions!

Whatever you want to achieve – Life coaching will help you achieve it.

70% of people who receive coaching benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and communication skills.


Managers, Directors and Leaders

I help directors, managers and business leaders by being their thinking partner, sounding board, and support system. You will benefit from improved clarity, increased confidence, attainment of goals, and increased work/life balance. My offering includes: 360 feedback interviews, shadow coaching, and workshops for managerial teams.



Being an entrepreneur is fulfilling, exciting and gratifying. But it also can be challenging and discouraging. I assist individuals in overcoming fears and obstacles to accelerate them towards success. By promoting balance, healthy living, and healthy thinking, I help entrepreneurs become more resilient to life issues and business demands. I offer 360 feedback interviews, debriefs and coaching workshops for entrepreneurs.


Small Business Owners

Owning a small business is rewarding, but it can also be overwhelming and exhausting. It is easy to get stuck. You can overcome these fears and accelerate towards success – with the right help. Together, we establish action steps to manage stress and overall health and well-being.

These tools empower YOU to be more efficient, effective, and productive. My offerings include goal setting, action planning, personality assessments, ongoing support and accountability.


Large Business Owners

It can be lonely at the top! With a large business comes a large amount of responsibility. I help my clients who have a large business(es) by being their sounding board and offering them a space to open up and talk. Together, we can work on navigating personality conflicts within your workplace, finding time to adopt healthy habits, and working out where to focus your efforts.

Many of my large business clients have reported growing their businesses and even opening up new businesses as a result of our work together. They’ve also reported leading healthier lifestyles, establishing work/life balance, and feeling more confident. My offerings include: personality assessments and conflict management tools, goals setting, accountability, 360 feedback interviews, debriefs, group coaching and coaching workshops for employees.


Commission Earners

Having a commission-based business can be financially rewarding, however; your mindset, action steps and motivation are critical for your survival. I can help you set goals and stay on track by setting action steps and uncovering challenges and roadblocks. I can also help you develop the winning mindset, confidence, resilience, and motivation that you need to achieve success. My offerings include goal setting and accountability, sales development and strategic planning, role playing, 360 feedback interviews, debriefing, personality assessments, and communication skill building


And My Life

Becoming a life coach was a natural step for me. I initially trained as a personal trainer and quickly became a well-respected PT in Edmonton, AB. I enjoyed working with my clients to improve their physical health and wellbeing, but I felt something was missing. 

I’d always found that my PT clients, friends, and family all sought me out for my insights about real-world problems. 

Finally, one day, something clicked. I realized that my true strength lay in helping people overcome obstacles and reach their potential. 

Life coaching was a natural next step.

Combining my executive coaching education with my experience in business management as a personal trainer gives me a unique perspective as a life coach. And I’m passionate about using this knowledge to help you lead your best life.


If you are lucky enough to be matched with Holly, you have literally won the jackpot of all coaching! She is amazing, incredible, and opened me up to so much in just my first hour FREE consultation. I interviewed a few others assigned to me but Holly was it! She had me at Canadian. I have passed her info around to anyone who asks, I will be her client for a LOOOOOOONG time!


Holly has been the most incredible support, mentor and friend you can ever ask for. It’s crazy how she knows just what to say even when over-analytical me thinks that there’s no way out of a problem lol. I am still in disbelief that I had the utter privilege of being matched up with someone so amazing. I’m honestly so lucky. You can count on Holly for absolutely anything and she *sincerely* cares about you and her main goal for every session is that you glean value from your time with her. She truly believes in you accomplishing your massive goals and will strategically help deconstruct the path there. Please don’t shy away from giving life coaching with Holly a chance–I can guarantee you won’t regret it!


Holly is caring, compassionate, and knows how to ask the right questions to get what’s deep down. I’ve just started with my journey with Holly but look forward to more sessions to help me meet my true potential. Thanks, Holly!

Robert Scozzari RGD, Owner & Creative Director, Inspiring Design

I couldn’t be anymore grateful I bumped into this young amazing woman. Holly is my go-to coach whenever I’m feeling the need to focus, and create a bit more clarity in my life and business. And that’s coming from someone who have had many years of experience and years of 

Hiring many different top coaches/mentors from different areas in life and using different modalities. The results I get from working with Holly, the ease and what I feel after a coaching Session, to me is priceless. I am so glad I took the chance at hiring her. I love this women she is indispensable to me.

Maria Hillgardener, Owner & Coach, High Impact Transformational Coaching

It is a pleasure working with Holly. She is intuitive, compassionate and honest.

She helped me explore my reaction without judgment or invasiveness yet enough to help me gain some insight into what I’m experiencing and the reasons for it. I believe change comes from awareness and understanding and Holly helped me do both. The result is that I am now able to move forward and make concrete plans in areas that I was stuck in.

I like it when my way of thinking is challenged and Holly does that in respectful way pulling out the incongruencies for me to explore.

With her guidance I am now better able to rewrite my experience to one that is both positive and empowering.  I would highly recommend Holly as a coach.


Holly has been absolutely pivotal in navigating me along my journey for self improvement. She has been kind, compassionate, patient and understanding at all times of both highs and lows. The benefits and growth have transferred to all areas of my life. I would (and do) recommend her in a heartbeat.

Dan Bureau

Holly is a great coach and an even better person. She really knows how to connect and get those problems that are so deep down we never really realized what a problem they truly are. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a coach.

Trevor Steele

Holly has had a profound affect on my life! She has helped me to see that I am never stuck…there is always a path out. She has helped me to dream bigger, dig deeper and to always stay in the drivers seat! The view from the drivers seat is very different then being a passenger in the back and Holly has helped me to feel the difference.


I have engaged with Holly for three months so far on a near-weekly basis. I did not have major issues, they were rather subtle which I imagine could be more difficult to dissect. Essentially, I had some mental hangups not allowing me to be 100% full of joy and happiness and not understanding why. Coach Holly listened and guided me in directions where I could dig deeper. At times it was uncomfortable but those were the most effective sessions. Hypnosis helped me to get over my disappointments in my childhood, and allowed me to find unwavering joy. She helped me to find my voice, speak up and have meaningful discussions with difficult people in my life. She helps me to be brave. She recommended books and links which have provided tips for more intentional day-to-day dealing with people and mind behaviours, both personally and in my business. Holly is very genuine, relatable and resourceful. I plan to continue working on myself and my business relationships with her help.

Holly Shearer

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